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Grassland Bushman Lodge is located on the western edge of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, some 80km northeast of the Ghanzi. The property is a private wildlife reserve of some 10 000 ha. Travelling from Europe or USA, we recommend you fly into the republic of South Africa and from there; Air Botswana flies to Maun, Gaborone, and Windhoek. From these destinations chartered flights can be arranged to our very own private airstrip.

Whilst Grassland Bushman lodge may not be the easiest place in the world to get to, we believe it's well worth every second of the journey for the unique experience you will have once you are here! Please take note that we can help you arrange charter flights from Maun, Gaborone and Windhoek.

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Grassland Bushman Lodge (Central Kalahari GR, Botswana) is a little world of wonders...

See a wide variety of Kalahari animals and bird species on game drives, on horseback, or simply gaze out at the numerous species attracted to our own waterhole. Enjoy memorable moments in the company of the area's endemic San bushmen. Learn how they hunt for food; make medicines: traditional dances; build their homes and even how they play games together. Learn about our Predator Project, rescue work which we conduct with lions, leopards and wild dogs.

There's never a dull moment at Grassland Bushman Lodge! Guest are free to take life at their own pace and soak up the unique atmosphere of the lodge, but you'll always find there's something different to do.

Because of the lodge's unusual location, many of the activities offered are either exclusively available at Grassland or will be different from anywhere else, to make the experience truly memorable. At Grassland we focus on four main activities: A very, comprehensive San (Bushman) experience, morning and afternoon game drives, unique predator protection project and finally horseback safaris - where guest can get really close to wildlife.
Please note: The horses are not trail horses and therefore guests who wish to partake in the horse riding activity need to be experienced riders. Please note we do not provide helmets.

Guests at Grassland Bushman Lodge are able to take advantage of their special relationship with the San.

Real-life activities include looking for food and medicines amongst the many different types of plants and trees that grow in the region (and you will be astounded by the wealth of resources around you at any one time). The bushmen will show you how they hunt meat, make fire, prepare their food and build their nomadic homes. They will also show you some of their interesting past-times and cultural games. which all have benefits towards maintaining fitness and health or improving essential skills. A highlight is to see the bushmen preform one of the many story-telling ceremonial dances.

More than you could ever expect


You will be amazed by the comfortable chalets

Grassland has eight extremely well furnished chalets, each with their own en-suit bathrooms, beds, closets and dressing table.

Each facility has constant hot water. We can accommodate up to 16 guests in these chalets and have a family suit as well. We have two beautiful main buildings that contain both an outdoor and indoor dining room.


At Grassland Bushman Lodge we also have a campsite for the more adventurous traveller.

We have four camp sites which can be booked individually or can be booked as a whole for bigger groups.

All four camp sites are well shaded, have running water, a fire pit and a braaier (BBQ grill), At the campsite we also have two ablution facilities; with running water and a "Donkey boiler" for warm water (wood for the Donkey boiler is supplied by Grassland Bushman Lodge).


Willie de Graaff grew up in the Ghanzi District of Botswana. His friends were the Bushman, or San of the District. He learned from these soft hearted people , their hunting skills, food gathering and general knowledge of the veld. He can speak two of the Bushman languages fluently, he even dreams in Bushman. He is an offspring of the original trekker Afrikaners, sent by Cecil John Rhodes in 1898, to the Ghanzi District. It is believed that Rhodes wanted the farmers to protect Rhodesia from the Germans taking over from South West Africa. They endured hardships that is unbelieving, but today the families of those original trekkers, are making a good living in the Ghanzi District.

Willie was trekking cattle through the Kalahari for 20 years, he did this for an income. He was also hunting and living a free life with the Bushman and the Kalahari as his companions. He also was a protector of game and had a game farm. In 2000 he decided to begin a lodge at Grassland Safari’s, later Grassland Bushman Lodge.
In his youth he hunted many lions, some was a threat to his cattle on the long treks, and he wanted to give back. He decided to give the San a chance to show off their incredible skills to tourists and also started the predator project.

The predators on Grassland was saved from a bullet, all problem animals entering the farms, are allowed to be hunted. Willie is capturing those animals and with the help of the Department of Wildlife, trying to relocate them to new places. Ten lions were trans located last year to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Some of the bushman families on the farm, are offspring of the original old man that taught Willie most of his skills in the bush. Qhiegau was his name and his grandson, Qhiegau are leading the activities on Grassland. He is thankful for his trekking skills that he learned from the San, he is reading tracks like the Bushman.

At the moment there are 12 lions, 32 wild dogs and two leopards at the lodge. Willie is doing all expenses from his own pocket and are looking for a relocation place for the predators.

The future of Grassland, are in the hands of Willie’s children, that share his passion for Wildlife, The San and Predators.

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